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TA Signals

TA signals are trading signals that are based on technical analysis.

Simple example of a bullish signal: A short-term EMA is trending higher than a long-term EMA.

Simple example of a bearish signal: The lower Bollinger Band has crossed below the Closing Price.

Mushino currently supports more than 300 signals. The Signal Feed combines all of the signals into a single view, allowing you to gauge the overall direction of the market. Note: Signals should never stand alone. They should always be combined with proper chart analysis, and with monitoring of TA events like crossovers and divergences.

The Signal Feed is fully customizable. You can include only the signals and time intervals that you care about. You can click on a signal to plot it on the Tradingview chart and examine it further.

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  • 300+ TA signals, spread across 10 time intervals and 30+ technical indicators
  • Signal Feed - aggregate all of your signals into a single view
  • Fully customizable - include only the signals and time intervals you care about
  • Plot any of your signals on the Tradingview chart with a single click on your mouse
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