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TA Events

A large part of Technical Analysis is focused on finding market anomalies, such as crossovers and divergences. These anomalies have the potential to signal changes in trend direction or trend momentum.

An example of a market anomaly is a MACD signal crossover. A MACD crossover takes places when the MACD indicator crosses above the MACD signal line. This is usually a sign of bullish momentum.

On Mushino, we have a special name for these market anomalies. Since they are based on technical analysis, we call them TA events.

TA events are detected automatically by our trading engine and pushed out to you in real-time. We currently support more than 1,000 TA events. Your Event Feed is where all of your TA events are aggregated. You can customize the feed so that you receive only the events that you care about.

When an event is detected, you are notified in real-time, in your browser. You can then choose to plot the event on the Tradingview chart. If the event is either bearish or bullish, you can also choose to trade the event.

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  • 1000+ TA events, spread across 10 time intervals and 30+ technical indicators
  • Event Feed - aggregate all of your events into a single view
  • Fully customizable - include only the events and time intervals you care about
  • Plot any of your events on the Tradingview chart with a single click on your mouse
  • Supports both divergences and crossovers
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