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About Mushino

10x more TA

The same features as your regular Bitcoin exchange. Only with 10x more TA.


Create TA strategies that can react to new price trends automatically - before everyone else.


Customize the trading interface with your favorite technical indicators and time intervals.


Get notified of crossovers, divergences and chart patterns in real-time, as they happen.

Your Technical Powerhouse

Charts. Indicators. Signals. Events. Strategies. All in one place.

Indicator Widgets

Monitor your favorite indicators in real-time.

Trading Signals

100+ fully customizable Long/Short signals.

Strategy Builder

No-code strategy builder. Create strategies in 3 clicks.

Market Events

Create your own custom watchlist of technical events.


Let's Get Technical

As a technical analyst, you've likely come across the quote: "The trend is your friend". We like to think the same of crypto exchanges. For you to profit, the exchange needs to be your friend.

Multi-chart Layout

Use a chart for every time interval that you want to monitor.

Fully Customizable

Drag-and-drop widget-based trading interface.

Second-based Intervals

Chart intervals that go as low as 5 seconds.

Technical Alerts

Create sophisticated technical alerts, based on up to 20 complex conditions.

Strategy Builder

Use your knowledge to build powerful TA strategies.

Trading Signals

Create your own custom feed of trading signals.

Market Events

Discover new crossovers and divergences. Plot them with 1 click.

Technical Indicators

100,000+ combinations of indicators and timeframes supported.


24-hour Statistics

Platform statistics for the previous 24 hours.

Mushino App

Manage your TA strategies while on the go.

With Mushino's Android App, you can manage your Bitcoin TA strategies wherever you want. Mushino's IOS App enables you to do Bitcoin technical analysis while you're on the go.

Traditional vs. TA-centered

When it comes to TA, traditional exchanges just don't cut it. All they offer is a Tradingview chart. If you're lucky, they'll let you have multiple charts.

TA-centered Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Traditional Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Traditional Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Traditional Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Tradingview ChartsSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
TA StrategiesUp to 20Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
TA SignalsUp to 200Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
TA EventsUp to 1,000Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
TA AlertsUp to 50Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Indicator WidgetsUp to 6Not SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Multi-Chart LayoutSupportedIn Multiple WindowsNot SupportedNot Supported
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TA specialists change for the better when they trade on Mushino

More than 20,000 TA specialists have already switched to Mushino to fundamentally improve their workflow, and become more profitable.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions that traders ask us before joining the platform.

What's so powerful about TA strategies?

TA strategies are the future of trading.

Instead of placing orders, you place strategies.

The strategies are automatically converted into orders, when they are triggered.

The benefits are massive:

  1. Trade 24/7. Your strategies open and close positions for you while you are asleep.

  2. Take the emotion out of trading. Your strategies do exactly what you tell them to do, and nothing more.

  3. Trade 50x faster. Orders submitted by strategies reach the matching in less than 5 milliseconds. It takes the average human a minimum of 250 milliseconds to react to visual stimulus. When you add network latency to the equation, manual trading becomes extremely slow in comparison.

  4. Trade in ways you cannot trade manually. Strategies have the potential to detect 1,000+ divergences in a single second.

  5. 100 percent flexibility. If you don't want to have the strategies trade for you, you can have them send you a notification instead. They will notify you when there is an opportunity to open a trade.

  6. It's just TA. Putting together strategies is easy, since they rely entirely on TA. You just combine indicators and values. There is no programming language. Everything is done in English.

Read more about TA strategies here.

Are TA strategies bots?

Even though both of them are automated, TA strategies are significantly more powerful than bots. Strategies run directly on the exchange's servers - orders submitted by them will reach the exchange's matching engine way before any orders submitted by bots.

Furthermore, TA strategies can be created just like regular orders. In fact, you use the same buttons to create the strategies, as you use, when you place orders.

Bots are not trivial to create. You will rarely have more than a couple of bots active at once. With strategies, on the other hand, it's entirely plausible to have more than that. Strategies can be extremely short-lived.

You might create a strategy simply to act as a stop loss - it will automatically close your active position when your chosen conditions are met. Unlike a regular stop loss, the strategy can act on complex relationships between indicators. An example would be the following strategy:

Close my long position when Stochastic crosses above 60 and the 7-period EMA is below the 14-period EMA.

A sophisticated technical analyst might have 10 different TA strategies active at once. Some of them would be designated as stop losses, some of them as take profits, and some of them as a way of entering new positions.

Think of TA strategies as a faster and more light-weight alternative to bots.

How can I get started with TA strategies?

One of the beauties of TA strategies is that they don't require any hardware or code to run.

Creating a strategy takes less than 30 seconds. It's just like a submitting a slightly more complex limit order - you literally use the same button to submit the strategy as you use when you place a limit order.

To get started, check out our TA Strategy Introduction.

What if I still want to trade manually?

No problem. You can put your TA strategy in Manual Trading Mode. It will notify you when your chosen conditions are met. You can then act on the opportunity manually.

Check out how to do so in our TA Notification Introduction.

What about TA signals? How can I use those to become more profitable?

TA signals are Long/Short signals that are based exclusively on technical analysis.

Simple example of a bullish signal: The Awesome Oscillator has crossed above 0, and the latest candle is green.

Mushino supports more than 200 TA signals out of the box.

TA signals should never stand alone. They should always be combined with proper chart analysis, and with TA events. To read more about TA signals, check out our TA Signal Introduction.

What is a Signal Feed?

Your Signal Feed is where all of your TA signals are aggregated.

The feed also contains a Market Temperature Score. This is the overall trend of all of your signals. It ranges from -10 to 10 (where -10 is super bearish, and 10 is super bullish).

All of the signals in your Signal Feed can be explored on the main Tradingview chart. Just click on a specific signal to plot it.

Note: By default, your Signal Feed includes all possible signals, across all possible time intervals. This configuration will generate a lot of noise. You are encouraged to customize the feed in a way so that only the indicators and time intervals, that you find most essential, are included.

Find out how to do so in our Customization Introduction.

What are TA events? How do I use them?

TA events are a new and powerful way to detect new divergences and crossovers. The divergences and crossovers are detected automatically, as they happen, and transmitted to you in real-time.

Your Event Feed is where all of your TA events are aggregated.

Every TA event has a sentiment attached to it: It can be either bearish, bullish or neutral. An example of a bullish TA event is a positive MACD signal crossover. This event takes place when the MACD crosses above the MACD signal line, and is considered a confirmation of bullish momentum.

You can plot each of the events on the Tradingview chart. This will allow you to examine them further.

Just like TA signals, TA events can be a powerful tool, but they should never stand on their own. They should always be combined with proper chart analysis.

To maximize the benefits that you gain from your Event Feed, you will need to customize it.

Discover how to get the most of TA events in our TA Events Introduction.

What is the benefit of Indicator widgets?

Indicator widgets provide you with sub-second updates for all of your favorite technical indicators. Each indicator has its own little chart that you can use to monitor its movement. When the small chart is not enough, you can simply plot the indicator on the main Tradingview chart.

The widgets change color, as they turn bullish or bearish. Bullish indicators become green, while bearish indicators become red.

The widgets enable you to spot new trends immediately, as they happen - with a sub-second delay. They are also used to create TA strategies and TA notifications.

You can learn more about Indicator widgets in our Indicator Widget Introduction.

What deposit methods do you support?

We support deposits in BTC and ETH.

How long do deposits take?

BTC deposits are credited after having received a single confirmation on the blockchain. ETH deposits require 12 confirmations.

What is the minimum deposit?

For BTC deposits, the minimum deposit amount is 0.0005 BTC.

For ETH deposits, the minimum deposit amount is 0.005 ETH.

How are my funds secured?

All user funds are stored in geographically distributed multisignature cold wallets. The private keys to these cold wallets are distributed across multiple highly secure bank vaults, in multiple different parts of the world.

An attacker would have to break into several of these highly secure bank vaults, simultaneously, in multiple different parts of the world, to gain access to the funds stored on Mushino.

A single compromised bank vault or server would have no impact on the funds stored on Mushino.

For an in-depth explanation of our security practices, visit our Security Page.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows: 0.002 BTC, 0.02 ETH.

Withdrawals are processed once a day, at 8:00 Pacific Time (PST).

To maximize security, all withdrawals undergo manual review by our staff.

Where can I learn more about the company behind Mushino?

To learn more about us, check out our About Us Page.

What are the fees?

Mushino's fee schedule is based on a maker/taker model, where market makers are paid for providing liquidity, and market takers pay a fee for consuming liquidity.

The fee rate for market takers is 0.050% of the transaction size, and the fee rate for market makers is -0.025% of the transaction size.

We charge no fees on deposits. Withdrawals carry a network fee that varies based on blockchain conditions.

To read more about our fees, check out our Fee Schedule.

Where is Mushino based?

Mushino is headquartered in Hong Kong. Address: 3/F Si Toi Building, 62 Connaught Rd West, Hong Kong.

We also have offices in London, Berlin and Singapore.

To learn more about us, check out our About Us Page.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us in four different ways: Through our Telegram support channel, through our Help Desk, through our Twitter and by email (

We generally reply within 1 hour.

Is Mushino reliable? What uptime can I expect?

Mushino has achieved an uptime that is greater than 99.9999% in 2020. This is far above our competitors, and is mainly due to the fact that we don't take the system down for maintenance.

All system updates are pushed out in real-time, and can be done while the platform is fully operational.

The Mushino backend has never been overloaded yet, as it spins up new servers automatically, based on demand.

All of this is possible thanks to our adoption of Kubernetes. Mushino is the world's first cryptocurrency derivatives platform to be built entirely on Kubernetes.

Where do you get your prices from?

The pricing data used for the calculation of the Mushino Index Price, and the Mushino Mark Price, is derived from seven of the world's top spot exchanges. The data is fully transparent, and can be seen in real-time here.

The formulas used for the calculation of the Mushino Mark Price and Mushino Index Price can be found in our References.

Where can I find the technical specifications for your futures contracts?

Click here to see the full specification for the BTC/USD contract.

Click here to see the full specification for the ETH/USD contract.

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